Comprehensive support processes throughout the product lifecycle


Our role is to Manage and Control the End to End process of sourcing in Asia on your behalf.  As an extension of your business covering the total spectrum required for global sourcing.  A pure service provider overseeing the development & production of product.  We ensure that everything arrives as ordered, on time and in the correct quality.  By using our services you eliminate the need for expensive traders and brokers.  We link clients directly with the right supplier.

We conduct sourcing in Asia, complete everything in between, and organize shipping processes.

    Sourcing in Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia

    Product development 
    Quality inspections 
    Supplier qualification

During our 20 year history of doing our business, we have developed strong and respectful relationships with numerous factories in Asia, we can also bring the same strengths and relationships to your existing factories to assist with continuity in your trading:

   In-Line Inspection

    Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

    Container Loading Check

    Identify and qualify suppliers

    Factory assessment

    Detailed information on local supplier

    Social compliance audits and required data collection for compliance to EUTR and REACH

    Raw material approval

    Material & Product development

    Streamlined end to end development processes

    Technical assistance

    Coordinate and approve samples

    Undertake rigorous quality assurance inspections 

    Organize laboratory testing for any kind of furniture, home ware and appliances (RoHS, REACH, FSC, BSCI, EUTR, etc.)

    Amazon FBA arrangement

    Order tracking system

    Supervise shipping and other logistics services.

We know that all customers are different and thus have different requirements.  Our business is structured to ensure flexibility and we will build an exact Service based on your requirements.  Nothing too simple and nothing too complex.  We will work together with you to define a tailor-made solution.  To fit both your technical requirements as well as your Budget.

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