Gaming Furniture is a relatively new category & most customers in the past essentially used their existing home office desks & chairs to play computer games.

Gaming customers soon realized they wanted something more exciting to make them feel they were part of the gaming experience.


Desks evolved from generic wooden finishes to predominantly black with touches of red, yellow or blue. Sharp table corners were eliminated & soft rounded edges were introduced. Tables were made more functional with the addition of cup holders & slots to support mobile devices. Table tops with carbon fiber textures are now very much in demand.

The addition of USB ports, battery chargers & LED lighting has transformed the standard office desk into a whole new exciting electronic world.


Since the impact of COVID19 there has also been an increase in gaming tables with up/down manual or electronic functions. This has the added advantage of now not only being able to sit at your gaming desk but to move the chair aside & stand while gaming if this is your preferred position.

Gaming chairs have already been around for many years, however they have grown a lot in popularity. The mixture of black fabric with either red, yellow or blue still remains extremely popular. Functions like tilt & swivel chairs have always been popular but there has been an increased demand for adjustable armrests, pull-out footrests & adjustable back support. Chairs with built-in fold away tray tops are very space saving for those who don’t have the extra space for a standalone desk.