We have talked with two talented designers Enrique Marti Aguilera & Didier Versavel:


– Can you describe how a piece of furniture, let’s say a cabinet, is designed?  


– The Design process is more or less always the same. We try to put together some different features as the particular ones of the object to be designed (it isn´t the same to design a sofa than a cabinet for example), materials we could use, potential use of the object, selected target market, selected target price, current trends, and of course a particular touch of creativity and originality. All together mixed in the right measure is guiding the Designer through all the process until the final object is got. Of course this mixture of both, tangible (materials, uses, price, etc.) and intangible (creativity, trends, etc.) ingredients makes every object different, particular and better or worse focused, being the hand and mind of the Designer which will make the real difference.

– What part of the process excites you the most? 


– Particularly it would be very difficult for me to choose a favourite part of the creative process. It´s very nice to leave it from the first idea in my mind until the real mass produced object. Everything is important, necessary and enjoyable, but if I should choose only one stage, I would maybe choose the sampling process when the real object is being created and when all the different adjustments for making it absolutely perfect are made. To see one idea born in my mind just becoming a real object is a kind of magical process. 


– When you work on a new design, are you following current trends or make design according to your own vision? 


– As a Designer I always work for a particular customer and because that for a particular target market too. Then my job is to find something, a new idea, a different concept, a new essence which can be later turned int o a real object but always following the particular taste and preponderant trends of the market I´m designing for. However it would be impossible for me to Design not following my own criteria and particular view of the Design trends. So at the end is just a balanced combination of both.  

– What is your workspace like? 


– My workspace is a workshop full of small papers with notes, drawings, ideas… a kind of chaotic universe when everything looks connected at the end. A working space focused on our real job with shapes, materials and textures. Just a space to create. 


– What’s the best part about your job? 


– I can give a clear answer to this question. The best part of my job to me is undoubtedly when I find some unknown people just enjoying when using one of my designs. A group of friends sharing good moments in a restaurant just sat down on one of my chairs, someone enjoying the lecture on one of my sofas, etc… That´s when all my work really find its authentic sense, when someone uses and enjoys it. 


– What is your favorite furniture style? 


I really feel the Scandinavian style based on simple lines made of natural wood close to my heart. The way those genius worked the wood with all the love and care and the extreme beauty of their creations has never been overcome… and I think it will never be although there is always pretentious to say never. 


– What inspires you creatively?


 – Just the life itself. We spend the whole day interacting with objects, the major part of the times in an unconscious way, so those objects must be the best complement to our own particular life. Everyone, everywhere, every time… the inspiration is always there and the Designer just must identify the right ones… there is not a single inspiration but a feeling made of many. 


– What’s the most challenging part of your job?


 – The biggest challenge is just to transmit the intangible essence of my work in the earliest stages of the Design process. As a professional Designer I use a kind of particular language made of all the different aspects and features described before as part of the creative process. To explain that the real design is always beyond everyone´s particular taste is the most difficult thing, and more when the real object is not still made. If that stage is satisfactorily passed then everything is easier, smoother and more pleasant. 

– What do you enjoy doing apart from designing and making furniture?


 – I like everything related to explore new things. As a Designer I´m a natural curious person and because that I enjoy doing everything which discovers news things to me. Reading, travelling, watching movies… but undoubtedly the best is always a good conversation. In my opinion when someone looses the curiosity for learning new things, then he starts to die a little.


 – What style of furniture will on trend in a coming season? 


– There are as much trends as people so it would be impossible to define just a preponderant one. Even now we are tending to the customization and personalization so the global trends (as the blue jeans) will be less and less with the time. But if you want me to define just one I would choose what I would call the “New Urban Style”. It will be characterized by simple and neutral designs applied on contained sizes and proportions pieces to be used in reduced urban spaces. Those items despite being simple will be full of colour, very functional and even some of them could be used for some different uses at same time. The practicality, sustainability and fresh look will be necessary too. So we are talking about real SMART furniture.