Your End-to-End Sourcing Solution

Sourcing & Development, _quality management & Compliance

Partnering with you to find all your furniture and household requirements

Comprehensive or Customized Services to suit your requirements

Office in 5 countries across Asia

Your End-to-End Sourcing Solution

  Sourcing and development, quality management and compliance


  Partnering with you to find all your furniture and household requirements


  Comprehensive or Customized Services to suit your requirements


  Office in 5 countries across Asia


Blue Rock - Your Sourcing Solution for furniture and all homeware

Who we are 

Our business is created on the belief that People make the difference and we are structured to support this.  We have built a team across Asia to ensure that wherever we work with you, there will be People with local knowledge and experience, to support and guide you in the process of sourcing end to end.  People working with People.  Fully supported by our experienced International team based in China.  The team has broad experience in numerous global markets as well as over 20 years experience sourcing from Asia.

We work in partnership with our customers and we believe in long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.  We will invest to understand your market and your requirements.  We strive in all our dealings to build strong customer relationships based on trust and honesty.

Our Head Office is based in Shenzhen, China and we have offices in Shanghai, China with Quality resources located in over 8 cities across China.  We also have offices in Hong Kong, Delhi & Jaipur, India, Karachi, Pakistan, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia with full Sourcing and Quality personnel in each location.

Our Unique Benefits

Offering an End-to-End Sourcing Solution


Speed to Market


We have 20 years experience sourcing from Asia and we work in over 12 markets globally. This give us a unique understanding of the requirements and processing when sourcing from Asia. This saves the time and cost of making unnecessary mistakes. Our experienced team will guide you from the start of the sourcing process and ensure you find a fast and efficient solution to your needs.

Save Costs


At Bluerock we offer some of the most competitive rates in a market. We also work with you to define your exact needs and thus do not pay for any service which you do not require. Because of our experience in Asia and our supplier relationships we are able to source at the best value in a market to ensure that you maximize your market potential.

Reduce Risk


Working with our team of product development and quality experts will ensure that the product is specified to your requirements from the start. This reduces the risk of issues arising later in a process and saves unnecessary cost. Product development and quality management are at the heart of our process and over 50% of our work force are dedicated to ensuring that we get it right the first time and every time.

Efficient Communication


By ensuring that our people are directly in contact with you and your team every step of the way we save time on unnecessary and wasteful communication. We believe that close people contact makes the difference and that is why we have specialized teams in every market from where we source and this ensures the quality and efficiency of working with us.

Our Services


We offer comprehensive support processes throughout the product lifecycle.

Design Services


We have a team of creative professionals who not only understands your needs, but also are familiar with market trends and will help develop the right product.

Supplier Screening & selection


Finding and working with the right
Supplier is often difficult. With us, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, we make it painless for you.

Order Management


Keeping track of every item is a complicated process and time consuming. But you can leave that to us and our sofisticated IT tools, while you take care of other issues.

Detailed Briefing Process

We understand the importance of  effective communication. And so, we won’t worry you with unnecessary information, but we make sure you are included every step of the way.

Direct Factory contact


We have an extensive list of audited factories that partner with us around the world & we'll put you in direct contact with them. 


Comprehensive Quality Process

Lack of inspection and comprehensive quality control process is a recipe for disaster. Our workflow includes detailed structured QA process.

Our Purpose is to Make Sourcing
Easy & Risk Free


Trade without borders.

Product development & Quality are the core of our business

A skilled and dedicated team control & direct the entire process
People working with people every step of the way. 

Product Range

At Blue Rock, we bring a single end to end solution.
We offer value and peace of mind.

Creative Designs & Quality Products

We deliver on the best designed and finely made products. Our team of sourcing experts knows where to find the best suppliers for every market demand. And if they can’t find it, our team of creative designers will create the best product.

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Our Locations

We have full service operations in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong
Hochiminh City, Jakarta, New Delhi & Karachi.
Our Head office is situated in Shenzhen, China.